About Green Button

What is Green Button?

The emerging Green Button initiative enables you to download your detailed energy information with a simple click.

Green Button was inspired by the success of Blue Button, which gave veterans quick and easy access to their medical records.

Where did Green Button originate?

Green Button was developed by the energy industry in a consensus process and now may be adopted voluntarily by utilities.

Green Button builds on policy objectives in the Obama Administration's Blueprint For a Secure Energy Future and Policy Framework for the 21st Century Grid. It aims to ensure that consumers have timely access to their own energy data in consumer-friendly and computer-friendly formats.

How does Green Button work?

Green Button starts with your utility. Follow these steps:

  1. Look for the Green button logo on your utility's website.
  2. If available, great! Download your Green Button data.
  3. Now use the energy apps on our website to get the most out of Green Button:
    • Create a free account and sign in.
    • Click Upload to send us your latest Green Button file.
    • Take advantage of the apps that use your data responsibly and securely.

Upload your energy information.

Easily upload information about your energy usage and costs. Get your Green Button file from your utility, then drag and drop it here.

Find valuable applications.

Once you've uploaded your information, get the most from it by using apps listed on this site.

Live smarter, lower your energy cost.

Get in the habit of using energy efficiently, and save money. There are several simple practices that can make a big difference.

A powerful platform for developers.

Create game-changing applications powered by energy and device data.